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Permanent License
$7.99Per UNIT

Unit license

Each unit with CADIO firmware installed must have a license to access and use CADIO system resources.

Trial license

The trial License is free and valid for 500 operating hours, and it can be renewed for an unlimited number of times by erasing and re-installing the firmware.

Permanent license

The permanent license gives the unit a permanent permission to use CADIO system resources.

The permanent license is available to purchase from the unit license manager page in CADIO app, it's a one time purchase and valid permanently.

The permanent license purchase is in-app purchase, payments are handled by Google in android, and Apple in iOS, so any payment method accepted by Google and Apple should work.

The permanent license price in USD is $7.99, and the price will be displayed in your local currency in the unit license manager page.

How to purchase a unit permanent license

  • Open The unit actions menu by clicking on the unit icon in the units interface.


  • Go to the unit license manager page.


  • Click on Buy permanent license green button to Purchase the permanent license.


  • The unit now has the permanent license.


The definition of the unit

The unit is any hardware based on one ESP MCU, it may contains extra MCU(s) to add more GPIOs using CadioSerial Arduino Library.

The Number of devices

For the unit license, the number of devices doesn't matter, each unit can handle up to 21 devices, so one ESP with one device is one unit, as well one ESP with 21 devices is also one unit.

Restoring the license

After purchasing the permanent license, the unit will never lose the permanent license under any circumstances, even if the linked account has been changed, or if the firmware has been erased and re-installed, the unit will automatically restore the permanent license once it connected to the internet.

transferring the license

The permanent license is fully associated with the unit that it was purchased for, it can't be transferred to another unit.

multiple units

Each unit must have a license to access and use CADIO system resources, so if you have multiple units, you will need a license for each unit.